Events on Campus

Penumbra Theatre's My America

What is your America? What do you hope it could be? My America is an invitation for Minnesotans to share how each of us experience our nation. Stories from across the state will be performed live on stage and broadcast across the radio to inspire a more loving, inclusive America. We invite you to claim your whole self–your history, your specificity, and your identity–in service of creating a diverse and beautiful portrait of our country. Written submissions from the public will be accepted online and reviewed by a panel of playwrights, authors, journalists, and activist artists. Finalists will work closely with our artists-in-residence to workshop their narratives as they prepare to take center stage and will receive a $200 cash prize. Penumbra will share these inspiring stories at Let’s Talk: My America in March 2018.

The deadline to submit your story is November 17, 2017.

More information on their website. 


Schomburg-Mellon Humanties Summer Institute

Accepting Applications for the 2018 Schomburg-Mellon Humanities Summer Institute

June 4-July 13

The Schomburg-Mellon Humanities Summer Institute, entering its 14th year, encourages minority students and others with an interest in African-American, African, and African Diasporan Studies to pursue PhDs in the humanities.

The program, “Exploring the Past, Reaching for the Future”, offers a six-week session for ten undergraduate rising seniors (U.S. citizens and permanent residents).Males and students from HBCUs are encouraged to apply.

The Institute mixes seminars and research and invites students to explore how the past is influencing the present and how the present can shape the future. The program is based on five main sub-themes: Identities, Challenges, Beliefs, Creativity, and Ethnic and Gender Studies. They will be explored from a variety of disciplines (including history, literature, religion, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies) and historical periods. The Fellows will have an opportunity to explore, among others, questions about identity, culture, arts, gender and sexuality, migrations, mental health, and criminal justice, and reflect on how they will affect the future.

The Fellows receive free transportation, housing, and meals, and a $3,500 stipend.