Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex exterior at night The Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex as viewed from the nearby Anderson Student Center. The Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex is adjacent to the historic O'Shaughnessy Stadium. Schoenecker Arena, housed within the AARC is home to the Tommie basketball and volleyball teams. A Tommie-Johnnie basketball game in Schoenecker Arena Schoenecker Arena hosts a variety of events including assemblies and commencements. Schoenecker Arena has hosted concerts, dance performances and a variety of other events. The AARC Pool features eight lanes and a diving well. The AARC Pool has seating for 400 spectators. The Field House offers indoor tennis courts. The Field House is a perfect venue for expos and trade shows. The Field House hosts a variety of events from concerts to commencements and more. The Field House is the indoor home of the Tommie track & field teams. Fitness facilities such as this cardio room are included in the Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex. The Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex includes aerobics and yoga studios.

Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex

Types of events: athletic events, camps & clinics and more

Built in 2010, the Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex (or the AARC) serves as the central building for the University of St. Thomas NCAA DIII athletics program. With over 180,000 square feet of usable space, the AARC is a state of the art facility that has assisted St. Thomas athletics in being one of the premier DIII programs in the country.

Schoenecker Arena

The AARC is the home to the state-of-the-art Schoenecker Arena, which is the home to the St. Thomas varsity men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball teams. Able to hold more than 1,800 fans, Schoenecker Arena has been home to numerous large events, including multiple Tommie-Johnnie basketball games and multiple large concerts and shows. When not in use by varsity teams, the facility is open for use by students and faculty. It has hosted concerts, commencements and other special events outside of the many sporting events that take place in the facility each year.

Steve Fritz court, named for the legendary former basketball player and retired St. Thomas athletics director, is a parquet-style maple floor, and sits in the center of an arena that features a 10-foot by 16-foot video board and 36 Bose speakers, providing a DIII basketball experience like none other.

When the full floor is used for seating, Schoenecker Arena can seat 5,000 people. 


With 8 lanes and a separate diving area, the AARC boasts one of the most advanced swim facilities in DIII athletics. The Anderson Pool, sharing the same namesake as the building it is housed in, is home to the St. Thomas Swim and Dive team, and has been host to numerous conference swimming and diving meets, in addition to many youth swimming events and competitions.

This deep-water pool contains many design features resulting in fewer waves and less turbulence for competitions. In addition, a spectator area with seating for more than 400 people is located on the north end of the venue.

AARC Pool details:

  • Length: 25 yards
  • Width: 33 meters
  • Lanes: 8 (eight feet wide)
  • Competition pool average depth: 8 1/2 feet, all lanes are equal in depth
  • Diving well depth: 14 feet
  • Diving boards available: 1 meter and 3 meter
  • 10-foot by 14-foot video display

Field House

With a 200-meter indoor track, basketball courts, volleyball courts and tennis courts, the Field House provides a fine athletic experience. This venue has also been used for concerts, commencements and other special events. 

Workout Areas

More than 100 pieces of aerobic equipment and 75 pieces of weightlifting equipment, including 10 power-lifting stations, make up the AARC workout rooms. Open from early morning to late at night, students and faculty are invited to take advantage of the full stock of workout machines available to them. In addition to the equipment rooms, there are multiple studios, useful for aerobics, pilates, yoga, spinning, and dance classes.

Locker Rooms and Training Areas

Inside the AARC are separate locker rooms for the football, volleyball, and men’s and women’s basketball teams. Additionally, there are locker rooms for visiting teams, officials, and faculty. The athletic training room hosts a generous space, with taping, treatment, and rehabilitation areas, as well as hot and cold whirlpools. Included in this space are the meeting rooms, the largest of which being the Tommie Room, which hosts press conferences and receptions.

Offices and Classrooms

The Department of Athletics has offices on the third floor of the AARC, used for coaches and staff. The university’s Department of Health and Human Performance is located on the second floor, complete with biomechanics, exercise physiology, and computer labs.

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