Promoting your event on social media

Facebook event

Social media is an effective tool to connect with your event guests before, during and after an event. Here are some ideas to engage with your guests on social media to boost the event experience.

Before the event
  1. Create an event listing on Facebook. You can share all the important event details that give guests all the information they need. Plus, guests can invite their friends and help you increase attendance. If you drop exciting pieces of information on your event listing as the date gets close, you can build hype and make your guests even more excited to attend. This might mean introducing event speakers, sharing auction items or other such details that will buid excitement.
  2. Have a giveaway. Have your event guests enter a contest by sharing a post about your event to their own accounts to increase visability. The giveaway might be a prze donated by one of your event sponsors, or even an extra ticket to bring a friend, family member or colleague to the event with them.
  3. Use Instagram Stories to post a countdown. Use the countdown sticker on Instagram to create something similar to a branded calendar reminder. You can customize the start and end dates, and colors. 
During the event
  1. Create a hashtag and display social media posts at the event. Creating a hashtag for your event is an easy way for your guests to find all the content posted about your event. Choose something short that isn't widely used. Social media posts that use common hashtags can get lost in a sea of other posts, but those who search for your hashtag can easily find one that's specific to your event. Consider using an acronym or abbreviation for your organization or event name and the year. To share posts from your event without having everyone looking at their phones the whole time, consider using a social media aggregator that will pull posts with your event hashtag that you can display on a screen in the venue.
  2. Live Tweet. Think of it like a play-by-play of your event, with all the best details shared for those who aren't on site. These posts will often get retweeted, and will expand the reach of your event and programming content.
After the event
  1. Share content that was posted by guests using your hashtag. If your event hashtag was promoted well and easy to use, your event guests will post using it. Consider sharing some of the best posts from your attendees on your own channels.
  2. Share a summary. This is a nice way to share your event with those who weren't able to make it. If you hosted a fundraising event, tout your fundraising totals. Share meaningful quotes from your speakers, photos of your guests having a great time, or boat attendance records. These will help your guests be excited about the event and make it a priority to attend next time.