Our Venues Offer More Than Space

When it comes to event planning, it can save time and money to look for a venue that offers more than space for rent. At St. Thomas, we're a full-service event location. In addition to space, we have on-site catering, our own Public Safety department that oversees event security and parking, and we even have our own on-campus Print Shop. 

Using additional services such as our campus Print Shop is not only convenient, it can save you money. Rather than shipping printed event materials to campus from your headquarters, we can print them right here at St. Thomas and deliver then to the appropriate campus location for your event. There is no delivery fee for print orders to be delivered on campus. Our Print Shop pricing is competitive, and we have sustainable options like Tree Zero paper. 

Our Print Shop has a variety of capabilities, from basic copies to signs and banners to customized stationery. We have a graphic designer on staff who can create custom printed materials for your event. Learn more about our services on our Print Shop website.

If you have printing needs, please talk with your event manager, who can work with our Print Shop manager to get printing quotes. If you will need custom graphic design work, you'll be connected with our designer to share your vision and work with her to bring it to life at your event.