2020-2021 Cost Estimator

This tool can help you estimate your costs for the school year. Students whose enrollment began prior to Fall 2019 should choose “Per-Credit.” Students whose enrollment began Fall 2019 and later should choose “Banded.”

You can view your financial aid award for the school year on Murphy Online under the Financial Aid section.

For a complete listing of current tuition, fees, room and board rates, visit the Business Office web site.

Tuition, Fees, Room & Board

  Per Semester Semester Cost Two Semester Cost
Credits :    
Business credits:    
Computer science credits:    
Music Lessons:     
Technology Fee: 5  
Student Activity Fee:    
Facility Fee:    
Student Health Fee:    
Science labs:    
Psychology labs:    
Room & Board
Housing Plan:    
Meal plan :    
Total tuition, fees, room & board:    

St. Thomas Expenses

  Per School Year Semester Cost Two Semester Cost
Books and supplies:    
Other St. Thomas expenses:    
Total St. Thomas expenses:    

Financial Resources

  Per School Year Semester Resources Two Semester Resources
School year income:    
Student loans:    
Parental assistance:    
Other resources:    
Total financial resources:    

Estimated amount to finance: $0.00