Field Experiences and Study Abroad

Our program emphasizes field experiences. We offer a variety of study abroad classes, such as Regional Geology and Geological Field Methods (GEOL 260) in the U.S. southwest deserts and Introduction to Field Ecology (BIOL 211) in Costa Rica, Field Methods and Sustainable Energy Use in Iceland, and Water, Environment, and Health in Croatia: Research Design and Analysis (BIOL 398/STAT 390).

These classes provide hands-on research experience with an emphasis on collaborative problem solving. In addition, Environmental Science faculty regularly conduct research with UST undergraduates in far-flung places such as New Zealand, Panama, or the U.S. Southwest, or closer to home in rural and urban areas in the upper midwest.

Environmental Science majors also have a number of opportunities through various study abroad programs including the School for Field Studies and the Organization for Tropical Studies. As an interdisciplinary science major with course requirements from a wide range of disciplines, students should be able substitute courses taken abroad for courses in the major. The number of courses with an environmental focus that are offered by study abroad programs is quite high, and it is generally easy for ESCI majors to find appropriate courses that satisfy some major requirements. Students should check with the program director or their advisor to make sure that the course they take abroad will substitute for an ESCI requirement. For more information check out UST's Study Abroad site!