Aquatic Ecology of Lakes and Wetlands

Dr. Kyle Zimmer and his team work on a variety of questions related to the ecology of aquatic systems, with a particular emphasis on Minnesota lakes.

Lauren Reuss sampling aquatic plants

The lab has four current projects involving UST students.  The first is assessing the relative impact of watershed features versus fish community composition on ecosystem characteristics in Minnesota shallow lakes.

Matt Gorman sampling fish with a trap net

The second is testing the hypothesis that shallow lakes dominated by submerged plants sequester more atmospheric CO2 than do lakes dominated by algae. The third project is testing for differences in the ecological niches of different types of cisco, an important forage fish in Minnesota threated by climate change and nutrient loading. Lastly, his lab is assessing how zebra mussels alter the pathway of energy flow and predator-prey dynamics in a Minnesota lake.‌


Rachel Sweet and Angela sampling zooplankton