What are UST Environmental Science alumni doing?

Our environmental science program is relatively young, but recent graduates are working in nonprofits, as urban farmers, and conducting research as graduate students at top universities.  Here are a few examples:

Matt Scott ‘12

Founder of Dribble Daily, a nonprofit aimed at transforming urban decay in inner cities into soccer pitches and urban gardens.  After graduation, Matt traveled to Pokara, Nepal, where he was constructed a soccer field for children attending Great Compassion Boarding School.  In 2012, Matt and fellow UST graduates raised awareness for their project by dribbling a soccer ball across the state of Minnesota.

 Figure: Matt Scott (carrying flag) along with Alex Daley, dribbling a soccer ball across Minnesota in 2012. 

Tyler Firkus ‘13

While at UST, Tyler worked in Dr. Dalma Martinovic’s lab on a study of the effects of endocrine-active chemicals from the Chicago wastewater treatment plant on fish.  Tyler is now a master’s student at the University of Wyoming, studying the effects of thermal pollution from the Denver Metro-Area Wastewater Treatment Plant on native fish populations.

Brady Zeigler ‘13

While at UST, Brady conduced research with Dr. Jennifer McGuire on how gasoline additives affect the microbial degradation of oil that has leaked into groundwater.  He is extending that research as a Ph.D. student in Geosciences at Virginia Tech, where his research focuses on mechanisms of arsenic mobilization in groundwater resulting microbial degradation of an oil plume.


Figure: Brady Ziegler processing an arsenic-rich sediment core in an anaerobic glove bag with collaborators (From left to right: Dr. Denise Akob, USGS, Reston, Va; Dr. Colleen Rostad, USGS Denver, Co; Dr. Isabelle Cozzarelli, USGS Reston, Va; Dr. Jennifer McGuire, UST)