Welcome to the Environmental Science program

We are committed to training professionals who can help address the complex environmental problems facing our society. Scientists that are trained to think across disciplinary boundaries are currently making significant strides in issues that range from climate change to the bioremediation of contaminated aquifers and soils. Our program embeds rigorous interdisciplinary science training into the well-respected liberal arts training at the University of St. Thomas. A main emphasis is providing students with meaningful experiences in research projects aimed at impacting the field of environmental science

Our students participate in one of three concentrations (biology, chemistry, or geology) leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. Each of these concentrations combine core coursework in biology, chemistry, engineering, and geology with specialized disciplinary and interdisciplinary study. We also encourage our students to participate in one of our study abroad options.

Faculty affiliated with the Environmental Science program are some of the most active researchers in UST science departments. Our faculty aim to conduct research with undergraduate-student collaborators that has an impact in their discipline. Our students regularly present findings at regional and national scientific meetings, and co-author research papers with faculty mentors. These research experiences have promoted a culture of inquiry within the program.