Internship Opportunities

The skills you learn as an English major/minor—critical thinking, close reading, analysis, writing, and editing just to name a few—are more important than ever in a society where more words are being produced than at any other time in human history because of the internet. All students are encouraged to learn experientially, whether that be through an internship, part-time job, or volunteerism. The following bullet points are suggestions, building blocks as you begin to imagine connections between the work you do in the classroom and the life you will build for yourself after graduation.


Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
Lots of listings of internships in a variety of nonprofit areas
Time Commitment: Varies
Unpaid or Paid
Location: Varies

Milkweed Editions
Time Commitment: 15 hours per week
Paid ($1500 stipend, free books, and range of professional development opportunities)
Location: Minneapolis
Application deadlines:

  • August 1 for Fall (September - December)
  • November 15 for Spring (January - mid-May)
  • March 15 for Summer (mid-May - early September)

Graywolf Press

Offers 5-6 internships each session
Time Commitment: 15-20 hours per week
Location: Minneapolis
Application deadlines:

  • Between July 1st to August 7th for Fall (early September - mid-December)
  • Between October 1st and November 1st for Winter/Spring (early January - early May)
  • Between February 1st and March 7th for Summer (early May - late August)*

*Summer internships are particularly competitive; consider applying for Fall or Winter/Spring

Loft Literary Center
Location: Minneapolis

  • Offers internships that can last from 1-5 months.
  • Poetry Outloud internships offered August - November and January - April
  • Marketing & Communication internships offered January - May, mid-May - August, and September - December

Coffee House Press
Time Commitment: 12-15 hours per week for four month for a total of at least 200 hours.
At the completion of the internship, interns receive a $1200 stipend, $200 worth of discounted Coffee House titles, a discount on all future purchases
Location: Minneapolis
Application Deadlines:

  • Between May 15th - July 1st for Fall (September - December)
  • Between September 15th - November 1st for Spring (January - April)
  • Between January 15th - March 1st for Summer (May - August)

Llewellyn Worldwide
Internships offered in past, but nothing currently available.

Consortium Books Sales & Distribution
Internships offered in past, but nothing currently available.

Quarto Publishing Group
Hours vary but must be in office 2-3 days per week

Minnesota Orchestra

Opportunities vary
Location: Minneapolis
Unpaid, but other benefits including reimbursement for bus or parking costs related to internship and complimentary tickets to select orchestra performances

Guthrie Theater

Currently on hold to restructure and improve offerings.

Children's Theatre Company

  • Time Commitment: short-term internships for a few weeks to long-term internships for a season
  • Unpaid, but compensation of complimentary tickets, professional development and networking opportunities such as staff meetings, meet-and-greets, and artist hours
  • Varying opportunities with different application deadlines for Summer and Fall/Winter/Spring; it is recommended that applicants apply 1-6 months prior to their availability

Redleaf Press
Location: St. Paul

  • Internships take place during spring semester, summer, or fall semester
  • Applications accepted on varying dates based on position

Minnesota Monthly / Midwest Home (Greenspring Media)
Location: Minneapolis
Offers unpaid part-time internship positions in a variety of areas.

Game Informer
Location: Minneapolis
Time Commitment: Requires at least a three-month on-site commitment, working five days a week (Monday-Friday), 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Offers three internship sessions: January - April, May - August, and September - December

1517 Media
Location: Minneapolis
Offers a summer internship program

Breakthrough Twin Cities
Location: Two locations in St. Paul
Offers a summer teaching fellow internship program. Early Action Application Deadline: January 16, 2020

Contact Info and Additional Information

If you have additional questions please contact Co-Internship Advisors Liz Wilkinson or Salvatore Pane.

The University of St. Thomas Career Development Center also has a number of resources online and at their office on the first floor of MHC. Use this link to find internships, volunteer opportunities, and part-time jobs. Be creative in your search. There are positions listed under “Communications, Authors/Writers/Editors” but you may also find a writing related job listed under other interests. For example, Public Relations internships may be listed under “Sports, Recreation, and Fitness” or communications and writing jobs may be listed under “Fundraising / Development.”

Finally, if you end up working as an intern, don't forget to add it to your LinkedIn page; you are also invited to join our department LinkedIn group site so that other English majors can see where you interned.