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Teaching / EducationFeatured Alum: Keeley Norton, Senior Coach at College Possible with AmeriCorps

The Value of a Degree from St. Thomas: "All of my writing classes definitely played a part in helping me assist students with essay writing and scholarship applications. My classes on Latino/a Literature and Literature of the City with Dr. Herrera both gave me great insight into social injustices, which made me want to work with a place that worked to reverse these."

Advice for a Teaching / Education Career: "Get involved! Working in nonprofits and/or higher education is so valuable and really makes an impact on the community. Search for internships and take advantage of anything you can while in college. Also, don't be afraid of your professors. They are great sources of knowledge!"

Much like writing and editing, teaching careers are popular professions for many English majors. Though additional qualifications are required beyond a traditional English major, a BA degree can offer a solid base in both academic content, and written and oral communication skills necessary for educators. Professional positions in academia can also utilize more English skills than teaching alone--educators also often write or contribute to papers, journals, articles, and books in their fields.

Teaching/Education Career Tips from Alumni:

"Being able to write well and critique what I read has been incredibly helpful to evaluate a resource given to me to help improve my skills as a professional teacher." – Rachel Friske, Elementary Educator

"Take lots of opportunities to meet new people and challenge yourself in unfamiliar environments." – Erin Healy Rath, Dean of Student Achievement at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

"My classes, discussions with professors, and work study and internship experiences all shaped my ideas towards what I wanted to do. I definitely changed my mind! I wanted to be an editor, but then decided that I loved education." – Keeley Norton, Senior Coach at College Possible with AmeriCorps

Other Majors and Minors that you can pair with an English degree:
Alumni reinforce the importance of taking a wide range of literature and writing courses. In addition, they’ve singled out courses they’ve found particularly useful for their current positions.

ENGL 121- Critical Thinking: Literature and Writing; ENGL 201/202/203/204 - Texts in Conversation; ENGL 217 - Multicultural Literature; ENGL 280 – Introduction to English Studies; ENGL 300 - Theory and Practice of Writing; ENGL 305 – Linguistics: English Language Study; ENGL 337 – Literature of Human Diversity; ENGL 395 – Issues in Literature and Culture


TEACH Club; Writing Center

Additional Training:

Volunteering in local schools; Masters in Education; Young alumni events through St. Thomas