Marketing / Advertising / Public Relations

‌‌‌‌‌‌Marketing-Advertising-PRFeatured Alum: Gabrielle Martinson, Event and Marketing Operations Manager at Mall of America

The value of a degree from St. Thomas: "I think each class I took in both English and COJO taught me to be a broader thinker and a better communicator, which are two key aspects of my job.”

Advice for a marketing career: “Connect with people and companies you admire. If you channel your interests and skills and connect with people in fields you want to work in, you start to pave a career path for yourself, no matter your major."

Careers in marketing, advertising, and public relations are a great way for English majors to utilize creative skills and writing experience in more of a business or corporate setting. Marketing, advertising, and Public Relations (PR) positions can be found in variety of different companies, from big businesses to smaller offices, or even in educational institutions.

Marketing / Advertising / PR Career Tips from Alumni

“I would definitely recommend pursuing an internship as there is so much value in having real work experience. I also recommend putting yourself in situations where you can network with and meet individuals who are in a marketing career path to make connections and build relationships.” – Amanda Fussy, Marketing Consultant

“Get experience outside of school in marketing/advertising/PR. Being able to show employers the work I'd already done in the field through internships, clubs, and volunteer work before I graduated, helped me a lot. I'd say these sorts of outside experiences were key for me and probably would be for English majors looking to go into any field.” – Ted Weiers, Associate Marketing Manager

“If you are going to work in marketing/advertising, don't be afraid to work at one company for a year or two and then move on. This has worked really well for me - now I have a wide range of experiences that employers like to see on my resume (as opposed to working for one company for 9 years), and also a wide network of professional contacts.” – Carley Bohnen, Marketing Account Supervisor

Majors and Minors that you can pair with an English degree:
Alumni reinforce the importance of taking a wide range of literature and writing courses. In addition, they’ve singled out courses they’ve found particularly useful for their current positions.

ENGL 121- Critical Thinking: Literature and Writing; ENGL 255 – Introduction to Imaginative Writing; ENGL 300 – Theory and Practice of Writing; ENGL 304 - Analytical and Persuasive Writing; ENGL 323 – Writing Creative Nonfiction; ENGL 326 – Professional Editing; COJO 268 – Advertising Copywriting; COJO 270 - Public Relations Writing; COJO 366 – Persuasion; COJO 470 – Advertising and PR Campaigns; PSYC 111 – General Psychology


Sigma Tau Delta; Advertising Federation; Literary Club; American Marketing Association; Writing Center; Editing for Summit Avenue ReviewPublic Relations Student Society of America; Tommie Media; Digital Marketing Internship; Communications Club

Additional Activities and Training:

Editorial Internships with Mpls/St. Paul Magazine and Southwest Journals; Internship with Wells Fargo; PR Internship with Mall of America