Administrative Professional

Administrative ProfessionalFeatured Alum: John Hofmeister, Sales Associate at CBRE

The Value of a Degree from St. Thomas: “I would say the entire English major helped me with my current job in two key areas. First, the vast majority of my time I am client-facing and work daily with dozens of different companies and their representatives. The ability to communicate effectively and understand motivations for their business decisions was nourished by the department's focus on understanding the human condition. On a smaller note, attention to detail and written language is a large component of my job. Drafting proposals and comparisons in a manner that is easy for my client to follow and understand adds to our success."

Advice for an Administrative Professional Career:"Work hard and be honest. Working hard and trying your best to learn from the people around you will accelerate your career but it is also much more rewarding. I think UST's entire mission helped me achieve my current role. The student body at UST is a motivated group with high aspirations. If you surround yourself with like-minded people, success follows."

Administrative careers are the broadest category of professional employment for English majors.

Administrative Professional Career Tips from Alumni

"Have at least six months of savings and commit to the career full time to really give yourself a fair shot and a complete picture. Try to work under a mentor or with a team when you first start as there is so much to know and only 1% of it is taught in school. Build your business your way and remember to work to live, not live to work. It's all about consistency, hard work, and luck. The more you like what you do, the more you'll be consistent in your work; the more you work, the more your luck will increase." – Amanda Ruud, Realtor with Coldwell Banker Burnet

"It always comes down to people. Competence and ability is a pre-requisite, but to get a job comes down to relationships. At my previous job I had worked before with the VP that hired me, and that relationship was the only reason I was picked from a group of 100+ applicants. This is true in almost any job, but particularly true with roles that are highly coveted." – Will Davis, Founder and CEO at Njord

"Develop the habit of going beyond the minimum of what's required. It's important to challenge yourself outside of classes just as much as it is inside. Use your passions as a tool to better yourself." – Angela Newgren, Assistant Account Executive

Other Majors and Minors you can pair with an English degree:
Alumni reinforce the importance of taking a wide range of literature and writing courses. In addition, they’ve singled out courses they’ve found particularly useful for their current positions.

ENGL 121- Critical Thinking: Literature and Writing; ENGL 323 – Writing Creative Nonfiction; ENGL 326 – Professional Editing; ENGL 395 – Issues in Literature and Culture; ENGL 421/422 - Literary Magazine Practicum; ENGL 490: Hemingway Bibliography; COJO 105 – Communication in the Workplace; COJO 211- Communication Theories and Methods; COJO 212 –  Rhetorical Criticism; COJO 258 - Writing/Designing for the Web; COJO 370 – Intercultural Communication; COJO 480 – Communication Ethics; PSYC 342 -  Psychology and Work; Writing for Social Change; Human Relations; Literary Journalism


Aquinas Scholars; Sigma Tau Delta; Marketing Coordinator for English Honor Society; Special Events internship; Internship at Milkweed Editions; Writing Center; Literary Club; Internship at Guthrie Theater; HECUA

Additional Activities and Training:

Grant writing; Trips with VISION