Beyond the Arches

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What can you do with a degree in English from St. Thomas?
More than you know.

Majoring in English can set you on a path to a fulfilling career in a greater variety of industries than you might expect. This path can take many branches into the professional world: through careers in Marketing, Communications, Writing, Editing, Administrative Professional positions, Law School, or even further Education as a student or teacher.

But each branch has its roots in the core value of an English degree from the University of St. Thomas. To show current and future students the strength of a solid academic foundation in English, department faculty conceived of the idea for this webpage as a tool for exploration into the diverse career paths that our English department alumni have embarked upon. We reached out to hundreds of previous students to find out more about the creative professional ways they are utilizing their degrees, and what advice they have for current Tommie students.

Want to hear more?

Here’s what some of our English Department alumni have to say about the value of their English degree from St. Thomas:

"An English major gives you a great baseline of writing and critical thinking skills." - Ted Weiers, Marketing Department Writer at The College of St. Scholastica

"Never undervalue your English major. Many people in the business world can’t put a sentence together correctly, edit their emails before sending, and struggle to do research. Your skills will become inherently invaluable traits to you." – Katie LaSee, Associate Marketing Manager

"My English major forced me to develop a broader and deeper way of thinking about things, and above all else taught me the importance of effective communication--skills that are necessary in any job--and I used those skills to make connections and found a job that I love.” – Gabrielle Martinson, Events and Marketing Operations Coordinator

"Employers are looking for good team members that have constructive thoughts and know how to express them clearly. English majors know exactly how to do that." – Kathleen Dempsey, Corporate Account Assistant

"As a UST graduate with an English major you will be able to say that you have been taught to learn well, to think critically, and to work hard." – Melissa Fassbender, Editor of Product Design and Development

"Learning how to communicate and determine what people actually need versus what they say they need is one of the most valuable skills I gained from my English major."– Sarah Halby, Digital Specialist

"Anyone that says English as a field of study is not relevant or that it won’t lead to a job is dead wrong. English is one of the most important skills you can master and will open the door for a variety of career options. Having a degree as an English major is a solid way to get started in your career." – David Bekkerus, Peace Corps VITEL

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