Teaching Mentorships

‌The Master of Arts in English Program funds five Teaching Mentorships each year for students interested in teaching. These Mentorships are paid bi-weeklyfor a maximum of $720, but do not carry course credit. Applications are due March 1 for Fall mentorships and October 1 for Spring mentorships.

Mentorship Experience:

  • Students will be assigned to a faculty mentor and will observe and participate in a section of English 121, 201, 202, 203, or 204.  Note: Very few sections of these English courses meet in the evening
  • Students will observe most of the course sessions and meet at least once every two weeks with the faculty mentor to discuss teaching strategies
  • Students will teach at least three sessions during the semester in consultation with their faculty mentor
  • Students will meet in conferences with the students at least once 
  • Students will design at least one writing assignment in cooperation with the faculty mentor 
  • Students will evaluate at least one set of papers. These evaluations will not substitute for those of the faculty member, but will be an opportunity for students and mentors to discuss the important issues involved in the feedback, evaluation, and grading of student papers
  • Students will write a brief analysis of their experience within one month of completion of the mentorship using the Teaching Mentorship Student Analysis Form. The form should then be submitted to the Graduate Program Coordinator.
  • Faculty mentors will submit a written evaluation of the student mentor to the Graduate Program Coordinator within one month after completion of the mentorship. The evaluation will contain a detailed description of the activities performed by the student as well as a statement about the student's potential as a teacher. A copy of the evaluation is available to the student by requesting it through the Program Coordinator

Application Requirements:

  • Complete at at least three courses with grades of "B" or better before the semester in which their Mentorship is to begin.
  • Submit a Teaching Mentorship Application
  • Write a letter of application indicating how the Mentorship fits their program of study
  • Recommendation from a St. Thomas faculty member who can comment on their qualifications and potential as a teacher. The faculty member should be someone with whom the student has previously taken a class. The completed Teaching Mentorship Recommendation‌ can be sent to the Graduate Program Coordinator and will be forwarded to the Graduate Committee for its review. Note: Priority will be given to students with no previous full-time teaching experience.