Internship Opportunities

The skills you learn as an English major/minor—critical thinking, close reading, analysis, writing, and editing just to name a few—are more important than ever in a society where more words are being produced than at any other time in human history because of the internet. All students are encouraged to learn experientially, whether that be through an internship, part-time job, or volunteerism. The below internship opportunities are suggestions for local Minnesota positions where you can begin to imagine connections between the work you do in the classroom and the life you will build for yourself after graduation.


  • Milkweed Editions
    • Milkweed Editions interns will assist with projects from all areas of operation, including editorial, publicity, marketing, online and community engagement, and development (nonprofit fundraising). Interns also have the opportunity to spend time with Milkweed Books, the independent bookstore operated by Milkweed Editions.
  • Graywolf Press
    • Graywolf Press offers focused departmental internships in the areas of development, editing, and marketing and publicity. The internships are intended for those who are serious about pursuing these particular fields.
  • Greenspring Media
    • Greenspring Media offers departmental internships focused in the areas of marketing writing, events, sales, digital, and editing. Each position has different requirements, so be sure to read through them all.
  • Loft Literary Center
    • The Loft Literary Center offers job shadowing internships, supporting their education, marketing, and development efforts.
  • Coffee House Press
    • Coffee House Press offers internships in Summer, Fall, and Spring, working with copywritingproofreading, reading and reporting, and much more. Interns will also receive a small stipend at the completion of the internships.
  • Llewellyn Worldwide
    • Llewellyn Worldwide periodically offers internships supporting acquisitions, and publicity. Monitor their career opportunities webpage for listings.
  • Quarto Publishing Group
    • Quarto Publishing Group offers local and nationwide internships in design, editingmarketing, and sales.
  • Guthrie Theater
    • The Guthrie Theater internship program is currently on hold while they work to improve and restructure their offerings. Monitor their webpage for more information.
  • Children's Theatre Company
    • The Children's Theatre Company internships in a wide range of positions depending on the season. See their webpage for all the different options.
  • Redleaf Press
    • Redleaf Press offers internships year-round in areas of marketing design, and publishing.
  • Minnesota Monthly
    • Minnesota Monthly offers internships through Greenspring Media (above). Interns attend weekly meetings, assist with proofing, research, write, and much more.
  • Game Informer
    • Game Informer interns learn about the intricacies of video game journalism. They offer three-month internships throughout the year.
  • Lerner Publisher Group
    • Lerner Publisher Group interns assist with marketing, and publishing. Monitor their webpage for updated internship opportunities.
  • Rain Taxi Review of Books
    • Rain Taxi does not publicize their internships, but do accept interns all year round. They also have more relaxed volunteer opportunities. Simply contact them at to let them know you are interested!
  • Wise Ink Creative Publishing
    • Wise Ink Creative Publishing offers a wide variety of editing experience, from fiction to memoirs. They also offer opportunities to write copy for book covers and social media. If you want to learn about something here, all you have to do is ask!
  • Minnesota Literary Council
    • The Minnesota Literary Council offers a variety of internships that run from January through May. Opportunities for English students include editing, graphic design, and copyediting.
  • Tiger Oak Media
    • Tiger Oak Media offers internships that explore careers in magazine journalism. Internships are availble year round in art, editorial, photography, and marketing departments.

Additional Information

The University of St. Thomas Career Development Center also has a number of resources online and at their office on the first floor of MHC. Use this link to find internships, volunteer opportunities, and part-time jobs. Be creative in your search. There are positions listed under “Communications, Authors/Writers/Editors” but you may also find a writing related job listed under other interests. For example Public Relations internships listed under “Sports, Recreation, and Fitness” or communications and writing jobs listed under “Fundraising / Development.”