Overview of Program Curriculum

All graduate English classes are offered once a week (Monday through Thursday) from 6-9pm. The program does not offer any online courses at this time.

The Master of Arts in English Literature program consists of ten three-credit courses--five required and five electives.

For students enrolled in the program prior to summer 2018:

Five required courses:

• Issues in Criticism (GENG 513)
• Master's Essay (GENG 699)
• One course in pre-1830 British literature
• One course in pre-1900 American literature
• One course in multicultural literature

For students enrolled in the program starting summer 2018:

Six required courses:

• Introducion to Graduate Studies in English (GENG 513)
• Critical Questions in Literary Theory: Topics (GENG 516)
• Master's Essay (GENG 699)
• One course in early British or American Literature (pre-1900)
• One course in multicultural literature
• One course in Literature in a Global, Transatlantic, or Transnational Perspective*

*On a rare occasion, a single course could cover multiple requirements. See course descriptions for this information.

Elective courses

Students may choose from a selection of elective courses, and may personally design up to two of their own Independent Studies. Effort is made to offer both required courses and electives each semester.

Course Level Requirement

Of the ten courses required, at least two must be 600-level seminar courses (3 credits each). This does not include GENG 698 Independent Study or the GENG 699 Master's Essay courses.


Certificate in Teaching College English

Created in consultation with St. Paul Public Schools, our Certificate in Teaching College English meets the Higher Learning Commission’s requirements for teaching college English in Minnesota high schools. We have designed this program to meet the needs of teachers by emphasizing multicultural literatures and English pedagogy. We also offer a variety of extracurricular activities designed to promote collaboration and exchange between teachers enrolled in the program.