Overview of Program Curriculum

The Master of Arts in Creative Writing & Publishing is comprised of 10 three-credit courses (30 credits total). The introductory course will provide a theoretical and practical foundation for advanced study of creative writing and publishing. All creative writing workshops will reinforce these concepts and skills by providing genre-specific applications. This course work will culminate in a final portfolio: a chapbook-length project amounting to about 40-50 pages of work (e.g., a collection of poetry, literary fiction, young adult fiction, and creative nonfiction).


  • Introduction to Creative Writing and Publishing (GENG 501, 3 credits): This course must be taken as one of the first three courses in the program.

  • Four Creative Writing Workshops (12 credits): These workshops include Writing Poetry (GENG 601), Writing Fiction (GENG 602), Writing for Young People (GENG 603), Writing Creative Nonfiction (GENG 604), and Writing: Special Topics (GENG 598). These courses may be repeated once for credit.

  • One Diversity Literature Course (3 credits): These courses include GENG 558-560 & GENG 658-660 or special topics as assigned. Note: GENG 513 is a prerequisite for all 600-level literature courses.

  • Three English Electives (9 credits): These may be courses in literature, pedagogy, linguistics, or professional writing/editing. Creative writing courses may not be used to fulfill this requirement.

  • Master's Project (GENG 699, 3 credits): For the MA in Creative Writing and Publishing, students complete a chapbook-length portfolio of 40-50 pages such as a collection of poetry, literary fiction, young adult fiction or creative nonfiction. Students then present their project to a review committee of a faculty advisor and two additional faculty readers and should demonstrate a high level of cogency and stylistic grace.