Are you an undergraduate or high school English scholar interested in pursuing your Master's Degree?

This five year track is designed for outstanding high school and undergraduate students. Acceptance into this program will allow a seamless transition to graduate school with TIME and COST savings!

The English department now offers an accelerated Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree for exceptional current and incoming University of St. Thomas undergraduate English majors, the only such program in the region. This allows students to complete graduate-level coursework in the Spring of their senior year and streamlines the MA admissions process. In this track, students will be able to complete their Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in just five years, a full year faster than currently possible. 

Combined Degree Requirements

The combined Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree follows the same requirements as the regular individual programs. Click the link above to navigate to our degree requirements page.

Program Structure

Students admitted to the program would receive the B.A. in English at the end of spring semester in their fourth year of study, and they would receive the M.A. in English at the conclusion of their fifth year of study (154 credits total). Through this program, students will save 9 credits from their graduate tuition. In the end, you will save over $7,700 in tuition and a full year of study.

See a full sample schedule here.

Accelerated Admission Application

Interested students must declare their major as the English B.A./M.A. and must have a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or higher. During the fall semester of his or her senior year, the student must seek permission from the Graduate Committee and English Department Chair to enroll in three graduate courses during spring semester. The undergraduate student will apply for formal admission into the MA program in the spring semester of his or her senior year and the Graduate Committee will consider his or her application along with all other applications submitted by the March 1 admission deadline.