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Mary Frandson

Instructor of English
JRC 316
(651) 962-5622

What excites me about teaching is being a privileged witness to students employing the intimacy of language to describe the world and their participation with it, and by doing so, coming closer to saying who they are. In both my teaching and research, I’m interested in the multifarious ways individuals conduct meaning from experience through the use of language not just in text, but through song, art, blog posts, and digital technologies. I’m especially interested in the endless possibilities of hybrid lyricism, experimental poetry, and quantum poetics. The questions I engage with in the essays and poetry I write involve the complex relationships between literature and science, and how scientific data can provide provocations that render aesthetic realizations. What compels me into other areas of interest (post-modernist poetry, action paintings, abstract expressionism and surrealism, the narratives of photographic essays, and spiritual writings of the saints and mystics) is how both artists and writers have met the challenges of discovering new metaphoric potentials. And since on my bookshelf next to the “Handbook of Poetic Forms” stands “The Complete Handbook of Pro Football”, I’m enticed to momentary breaks to delight in sports literature, and have been rumored a time or two to take my classes out onto the football field to re-enact the pass-play language of Hail Marys, “Bumerooskies,” the “Hook and Ladder,” and “Statue of Liberty.”   

Selected Publications
Newspaper articles, sports writing, editorials, narrative journalism, interviews, copywriting editorials, and poetry have appeared in The Paynesville Press, The Record, Studio One, The Sportsman’s Guide, MARGIE: The American Journal of Poetry, and The Bellevue Review

Current Book-Length Projects
Absolving Toxcities – a manuscript of poetry that cogitates the relationship between the disease of cancer and one’s humanity; and Saints Among Us - a collection of poetry lit with the miraculous and humanistic qualities of saints that could be adopted into one’s everyday life.

Courses Taught
Re-envisioning American Lit, Saints and Miracles, Critical Thinking: Literature and Writing, Analytical Writing, Composition I & II, Writing Foundations, The Romantic Rebellion, and The Old, Weird America: Music as Democratic Speech.

Editorial Experience
Editor-in-Chief of Studio One. Editor and Trafficking Coordinator for The Sportsman’s Guide.

The Power of You Teaching Award from Saint Paul College, Finalist for the 49th Parallel Award for Poetry from Bellingham Review, Above and Beyond Award for Excellence in Editing from The Sportsman’s Guide, and 4-time Gold Medal Award Winner from Columbia University Press for Studio One.

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Spring 2019 Courses
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ENGL 201 - W08 Contemporary American Poetry - T - R - - - 0955 - 1135 SCB 328

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0955 - 1135


SCB 328

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4 Credit Hours


Mary E. Frandson

This course celebrates and explores the best of contemporary American poetry, and is an invitation to those interested in discovering the many creative ways to their own poetic voice through an exploration of craft and form. The writing load for this course is a minimum of 15 pages of formal revised writing. This course satisfies the Writing Across the Curriculum Writing Intensive requirement.

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