Materials Science and Engineering Interdisciplinary Minor

Does the development of materials such as carbon fiber composites, superconductors, batteries, 3D printing, tissue engineering, drug delivery systems, solar cells, nanotubes/nanotechnology, and superalloys interest you? If so, the Materials Science and Engineering Interdisciplinary Minor may be just what you need to help distinguish yourself in the field.

This minor adds easily to the following majors with typically 1 - 3 additional courses:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Geology

Companies that often hire materials scientists include: 3M, Medtronic, Intel, Honeywell, Boston Scientific, Seagate, Polar Semiconductor, St. Jude, Hitachi, IBM, AK Steel, Dow Chemical, Applied Materials, DuPont, Goodyear and more.

View complete description and requirements of the Materials Science and Engineering Interdisciplinary Minor (MSE Minor).

Materials Science and Engineering Minor flyer (PDF file).

Proposed Plans of Study:

Questions? Please contact:  Program Director, Dr. Brittany Nelson-Cheeseman at or 651-962-5773. 


Materials Faculty


Dr. Brittany Nelson-Cheeseman, MSE Minor Program Director
Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering 
Materials Courses: ENGR 361 - Engineering Materials

View Dr. Nelson-Cheeseman's faculty web page.


Dr. Surya Iyer
Adjunct Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Materials Courses: ETLS 699 - Technology of Thin Films

View Dr. Iyer's faculty web page.

 Lisa Prevette - Biophysical Chemistry - Materials Minor prof Dr. Lisa Prevette, MSE Minor Interim Program Director
Associate Professor - Biophysical Chemistry 
Materials Courses: CHEM 331 - Chemical Thermodynamics and Reaction Dynamics 

View Dr. Prevette's faculty web page.
Jennifer McGuire thumbnail photo - Materials Minor prof

Dr. Jennifer McGuire
Professor - Biology
Materials Courses: BIOL 361- Medical Geology
BIOL 328 Environmental Toxicology & Human Health


Marites Guino-o thumbnail photo - Chemistry Dept - Material Minor Prof

Dr. Marites Guino-o
Associate Professor - Chemistry
Materials Courses: CHEM 400 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

View Dr. Guino-o's faculty web page

Christopher Haas thumbnail 72 x 72 Dr. Chris Haas
Adjunct Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Materials Courses: ETLS 775 - Polymers in Design,
ENGR 489 - Advanced Polymers Systems

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Materials Organizations (Local and National):

Materials News: Check out all the great materials being discovered and studied!