Dual Degree in Electrical Engineering (B.S.) and General Business Management (B.A.)

The Dual Degree program in Electrical Engineering and General Business Management is designed for well-prepared students with a strong interest in both engineering and business. The program combines the applied engineering concepts of electrical engineering with knowledge of the financial, marketing and management disciplines of the business program. Students in this dual program will have skills to prepare them for a wide variety of opportunities in industry or advanced graduate education. The dual degree program requires approximately five years to complete.

The electrical engineering curriculum combines the study of basic sciences, circuit design, microprocessors and control systems with the study of the liberal arts. This is culminated at the senior level with the Engineering Design Clinic which applies academic knowledge to an industrial project. Emphasis is placed on applied engineering.

The business curriculum studies topics as basic economics, accounting, management of organizations, business ethics and financial management.

Please work with your advisor to determine if you may place out of one or more semesters if already proficient in a given subject such as mathematics and/or language.

Students graduating with a major in electrical engineering will meet the program objectives and outcomes designed to exceed the requirements of ABET's Engineering Criteria 2000. ( www.ABET.org ) These are a comprehensive set of criteria designed to provide graduates with the technical, ethical, attitudinal and communications skills required to be a productive contributor to society and to aggressively seek life-long learning experiences.

These program objectives and outcomes are designed to provide the graduate with a foundation for clear thinking and expression in a balanced liberal arts educational program. They will demonstrate competence in a variety of skills that enhance their ability to solve problems in diverse ways to meet the needs of the community through their work and in their lives, as agents of change in the world of the future. Graduates will also develop teamwork and communication skills while gaining a comprehensive understanding of the design and engineering system.

Graduates will be prepared for direct entry into business or an engineering position in industry or for advanced study in graduate school.

BSEE General Business Sample Study Plan