Exhibition open 8 September, 02015 - 18 December, 02015
3rd Floor, Facilities and Design Center, University of St. Thomas

We are at a time in human history when each election cycle, fiscal quarter, or tweet governs how our lives are lived.  While there is value in such present-minded thinking, it is equally important to think in the long term.  The Long Now Foundation seeks to show the value of thinking for the very long term – 10,000 years and beyond.

When the present generation has long been forgotten, the projects of the Long Now Foundation will function continually.  They blend the permanence of the world around us with creative and ingenious design to sustain their projects long into the future.

The Rosetta Disk is a handheld nickel circle, laser-inscribed with microscopic translations of over 1500 human languages.  Read through a microscope and resistant to blemishing, its physically etched inscriptions help it to outlive the ephemerality of digitally-stored information.  Meanwhile, the Foundation also works at the opposite scale by installing their immense, gravity-powered 10,000 Year Clock into a mountain.  The clock runs on Bronze Age technology to ensure a minimum requirement of maintenance, and is currently under construction at an undisclosed mountain in Texas.  A second site has been surveyed and studied in Nevada, surrounded by Bristlecone Pines – some aged over 5,000 years, the oldest living organisms on Earth.

These are only some of the Long Now Foundation’s projects, and their design philosophy is highlighted in Designed to Last: A Look at the Projects of the Long Now Foundation.