What to Expect - Summer 2021

For prospective, new and returning graduate students in the School of Engineering:

In response to COVID-19, the University of St. Thomas has made prudent decisions to act on the advice of state and medical professionals. The format for most graduate classes in the School of Engineering, which are normally held in-person and on-campus, will be live online this summer 2021. Summer classes will still be held during their normal time on weeknights, and unlike Fall and Spring, most classes will meet two nights per week. 

We know that many of you have questions around our "new normal" at St. Thomas. We strongly suggest that you take some time to read through the Campus Preparedness Plan and FAQs below to learn more about what to expect. 

Summer 2021, all of the graduate software, data science, and information technology (SEIS) courses will be offered live online. The format for most of the graduate engineering courses (ETLS) will be live online. 

You can expect to receive an email from your instructor(s) a week prior to the first evening of classes with instructions on how you will meet.  Students should be sure to check their Canvas announcements for details one week before their class is scheduled to start. Questions can be directed to your individual instructor.

Yes, you will be expected to wear a mask or other non-medical face covering when you are on campus unless you have a medical reason that does not allow you to wear a mask.

More About Masks

For more information, please go to the Campus Preparedness Plan website.

You can get a free mask from the Card Office relocated in Murray Herrick Campus Center room 101, Monday - Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4 PM. 

The university has acquired cloth face masks (purple of course) for all community members. All community members must present their St. Thomas identification cards to receive their masks. 

How can students order textbooks online (what is the link)? 
Students should use the following link to find out what textbooks they need:

Where can students pick up or how can students get their textbooks delivered to them?
Students can pick up in store, curbside pick up, or they can have books FED EX to them. They will receive an email when their order is ready with details on how the pick ups will work. 

If you have more questions, please contact the Bookstore directly at http://tommiebooks.stthomas.edu/tommiebooks1/contact

All current and newly admitted students should login to their Canvas sites and download any required technology/software a week prior to the start of class. If you need assistance or require support from the School of Engineering Technical Support Team please contact them at soetech@groups.stthomas.edu . Note: For Tech Support you must send any emails from your St. Thomas account.

If you are a new student please read through the orientation materials so you understand how to login to the Canvas site. 

If you are an international student and have questions, please contact the Office of International Students and Scholars at oiss@stthomas.edu.