MS in Technology Management

Program Overview:

A MS Degree in Technology Management which prepares our graduates for strategic technology management positions.

Program Educational Objectives:

  1. Acts as a leader and role model for ethical, professional, and social behavior and understands the societal implications of technical decisions.
  2. Analyzes issues from more than one perspective, asks insightful questions and assimilates information well, works effectively in a multi-functional team environment and communicates effectively in group discussion, formal presentation, and in writing to all audiences.
  3. Demonstrates the ability to integrate multiple technologies, to generate creative, differentiating options, and to develop effective strategies and continual improvement opportunities.
  4. Energetically embraces change, champions new ideas and best practices , and applies sound judgment.
  5. Inspires a vision, sets clear direction, connects customer requirements and corporate goals, and inspires others to become excited about achieving objectives.

Program Learning Outcomes

TM1 Graduates will be able to integrate technology into product lines and operations and plan strategically:
TM2 Demonstrate the leadership skills to identify opportunities across the enterprise, understand the actions required and have the confidence to act (intuition)
TM3 Demonstrate the ability to frame issues and solve problems across the enterprise using interdisciplinary teams (logical organization and problem solving
TM4 Demonstrate the knowledge to make decisions and the judgment to prioritize and make choices
TM5 Demonstrate an understanding of social and ethical responsibility and the courage to apply it
TM6 Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in terms understandable to audiences.
TM7 Demonstrate an awareness of the profound impact of the global economic environment on technology strategy

(Revised August 13, 2002 and February 2, 2005
per Engineering Graduate Curriculum Committee )