MS in Systems Engineering

Program Overview:

A MS degree in Systems Engineering which prepares our graduates for engineering design and development of complex interconnections of devices, sub-systems, and components to meet human needs.

Program Educational Objectives:

  1. To prepare engineers and related technical professionals for a career in systems engineering.
  2. To prepare engineers who demonstrate lifelong learning, ethical behavior, sensitivity to cultural needs in the design and development of systems, and inclusion of people from traditionally under represented groups.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the program must demonstrate these abilities and skills:


The skills needed for design including problem formulation and solving, creativity, synthesis, analysis, team skills, economic analysis, decision-making, and communication.


The ability to integrate ideas from a variety of sources in order to create systems that meet desired needs.


The skills needed to employ empirical methods including the design, fabrication, and execution of experiments, and the reporting and interpretation of results.


An ability to perceive the interconnections between seemingly diverse fields of human behavior.


The ability to recognize, articulate, and act in accordance with the highest standard of ethical, professional, and social behavior.

(Prepared March 16, 2006 
per Engineering Graduate Curriculum Committee)