Health Care in the Age of Intelligent Machines

Dr. Mark Wolff SAS portrait photo (330 x 423). Chief Health Analytics Strategist for SAS.

Dr. Mark Wolff, Principal Industry Consultant/Chief Health Analytics Strategist, SAS will discuss the use of intelligent analytics in healthcare.

Date & Time:

Friday, December 6, 2019
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM


Free and open to the public


Owens Science Hall room 150 - 3M Auditorium
St. Paul campus

Guest parking is available at the Anderson Parking Facility.

Co-hosted by the University of St. Thomas Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence and SAS.

Lecture Title: Ab Silico Ad Salus – Health Care in the Age of Intelligent Machines 

Lecture Abstract: 

Value-based Care and Patient Centricity are emerging as global paradigms to address how patient and overall healthcare are delivered and paid for.  This transformation promises to drive down costs and improve patient outcomes.  It will incentivize care providers to better engage patients and to more consistently adopt evidence-based medicine in diagnosis and treatment decisions.   But, measuring value across the care continuum will be challenging.  It will require a much more data driven approach to care delivery.  Adoption of advanced data management and analytics capabilities will be critical to the success of this transformation.   A major driving force behind this transformation is the emergence of the Medical Internet of Things or more specifically connectivity between patients, clinicians, machines and care environments. This connectivity will ultimately result in an exponential increase in the amount, dimensionality and velocity of data available for operational and clinical decision making.  “Intelligent” analytics will be an imperative not an option, enabling faster and more precise diagnoses and more scientific determination of the most appropriate and effective treatment plan. The results of such a transformation promise improved outcomes, reduced costs and ultimately, greater access to high-quality care for more people across the globe. 

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Mark Wolff, Principal Industry Consultant/Chief Health Analytics Strategist at SAS, has more than 25 years of experience in the health and life sciences industries as a scientist and analyst working in the US and Europe. He joined SAS in 2005 and is an Advisory Industry Consultant and Chief Health Analytics Strategist for the SAS Global IoT Division.  Mark is recognized as an accomplished practitioner and thought leader in the development and application of advanced and predictive analytics to complex problems in healthcare and the life sciences. His current focus is on the development and application of machine learning approaches to real time sensor/IoT data in support of outcomes and safety research, visualization and development of intelligent, decision support systems. 


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