External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board (EAB) provides a direct link among students, faculty and external constituents of the School of Engineering.  The Board meets formally three times per year, with each meeting focusing on a major topic:  Curriculum, student input, and review of senior design projects.  The Board also includes task groups on specific topics when appropriate.

Among the Board’s objectives are to provide critique of curriculum, provide input on advances in technology and processes that inform programs on meeting current and future industry needs, and generally to be an ongoing resource for the engineering programs.  Among recent initiatives are Board member interviews with students, review of senior design projects and participation in the student mentoring program.  Currently the EAB is engaged in a continuous improvement initiative to review the objectives, structure and activities of the EAB to be more effective in supporting growth and currency of the programs.

Membership in the External Advisory Board has been expanded in the past two years to represent a more comprehensive group of constituencies, including other academic institutions, to better address the needs of the students.

External Advisory Board Members:

  • William Betten, Devicix – Chair
  • Anita Hall, General Mills (retired) – Vice Chair
  • Eugene Audette, Assoc. Dean UST College of Education (retired)
  • Matt Behrns, Pentair
  • Ronald Bennett, Founding Dean and Professor Emeritus, UST
  • Tom Bergner, Starkey Labs
  • Brad Bystrom, Wipaire
  • Michelle Dickson (Wombacher)
  • Robert Dummer
  • Raia Finc, Boston Scientific
  • Phil Gerlach, PDL BioPharma
  • Dennis Harvey, MTS
  • Jay Heath, Honeywell
  • Sara Hemmer, 3M
  • David Herridge, Incisive Surgical
  • Andrew Johnson, Boston Scientific
  • Ed Jones, Professor Emeritus, Iowa State University
  • Bill Lambrecht, PaR Systems
  • Craig Lofstuen, DMG MORI
  • Cheryl Matter, Life Science Alley
  • Matt Michel, Universal Engineering Services
  • Marti Miller, Mel Foster Company
  • Michael Peterson, Seagate Technology
  • Brian Petschel, Goodrich Aerospace
  • Tony Ramunno, Great River Energy
  • Khani Sahabjam, SRF Consulting
  • Isaac Schwoch, Target
  • Karl Smith, Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota
  • Katie Staub, Seagate Technology
  • Nick Whitehead, Medtronic