Our Impact

Students in our programs are set up for successful and fulfilling careers in education. Our alumni include Teachers of the Year, school administrators and many others. Below are just some of the ways St. Thomas education students and alumni are impacting their communities and advancing the common good.

The Collaborative Urban Educator (CUE) Program

The CUE program has been responsible for recruiting persons of color and persons with unique cultural, ethnic, language and urban backgrounds into teaching professions in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

Special Education Leadership Group

The special education student leadership group developed out of a multicultural student, alumni and friends affinity group. After surveying alumni and current students in 2012 and again in 2014, and finding that students were interested in leadership roles, the department created a group with a student leadership focus.

Hubbs Children's Literature Conference

The annual Hubbs Children’s Literature Conference is designed for parents, teachers, students, librarians, writers and others interested in encouraging the use of quality children's literature in homes, schools, and communities. The conference also provides an opportunity to share information and learn how to better meet the educational needs of youth.