Data Competitions

Creating a Competitive Advantage for your Career

"The world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data."

-The Economist, May 2017


The University of St. Thomas Economics Department encourages students to further sharpen their quantitative and analytical skills outside of the traditional classroom setting. Each spring we sponsor a data competition for our Economics majors and minors compete for prize money. We also send students to compete in external data competitions sponsored by MinneAnalytics- Twin Cities Big Data, Data Science and Analytics Community. See below for more information on these competitions.


The Department of Economics hosts every spring an annual economic data analysis competition. Teams comprised of economics majors and minors will conduct independent original research, analyze real-world data, and communicate their findings to a panel of economics faculty judges. Data will be provided.

Whether you’re ready to try your hand at research for the first time or you’re already a data veteran, this competition is for you!

Kathryn Foltz ‘18 and Linnea Graham ‘17, winners of the Economics Department Data Analysis Competition

On November 4thMinneMUDAC​ data analytics competition was held at Optum in Eden Prairie. They hosted 51 undergraduate and graduate teams from 30 different Midwestern colleges and universities.  Students attended a recruiting event and competed for $15,000 in prize money.   Students used medical and pharmacy claims data to characterize the health care experience of persons with Type 2 diabetes aged 18-45 years of age in ways that provided insights for a large employer.  The College of Arts and Sciences sent undergraduate students to this competition for the first time.  The students who participated were Economics, Statistics, and Computer Science undergraduate majors.  They were Rachel Artig​, Sydney Benson, Regina Burroughs​, Kathryn Foltz, Elsa Langenwalter, Morgan McCorkle, Jessica Mohr, and Anna Starks.  Their faculty mentors were Economics professors Drs. Adam Check​, Monica Hartmann​, Matt Kim, and Tyler Schipper​.  It was a wonderful experience for all.  We cannot wait for next year!

First row - Morgan McCorkle (’18), Rachel Artig (’18), Kathryn Foltz (’18), Elsa Langenwalter (’18)

Second row – Dr. Monica Hartmann (Econ), Sydney Benson (’17), Jessica Mohr (’17), Regina Burroughs​(’17),  Dr. Adam Check​ (Econ), Dr. Tyler Schipper (Econ)

Not pictured: Anna Starks (’18) and Dr. Matt Kim (Econ)