Faculty and Staff

We have 15 full-time faculty in the Economics department that teach a wide array of courses supporting our five Economic undergraduate degrees and allied courses for other majors and minor. Faculty are involved supervising student research as well as engaging in their own research, some of which supported by outside grants as well involved in consulting for outside businesses.

Full-Time Faculty

Adam Check

Assistant Professor

Monica Hartmann

Professor and Department Chair

Matthew Kim

Associate Professor

Terence G. Langan

Associate Professor

Ho-Ching (Angela) Mak

Assistant Professor

Craig Marcott

Associate Professor

Deborah Rho

Assistant Professor

Luz Saavedra

Associate Professor

Tyler Schipper

Assistant Professor

Michael Walrath

Associate Professor

Bradley Wilson

Associate Professor

Hong Wu

Associate Professor

Faculty Emeriti

Marsha Blumenthal

Professor Emerita

Bill Walsh

Associate Professor Emeritus


Stacy Janke

Administrative Assistant

Adjunct Faculty

Bolormaa Jamiyansuren

Adjunct Professor

Associated Faculty

Joseph Kreitzer

Professor, Dean of College of Education, Leadership and Counseling

Rob Riley

Professor, Vice Provost