Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion (formerly Affirmative Action) Committee's charge is to promote affirmative action and equal employment opportunities by bringing campus-wide perspectives and experience to the consideration of policies and procedures related to the selection, development and retention of a diverse workforce.

2017 Diversity and Inclusion Committee Members

Dr. Artika Tyner

Associate Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion

Dr. An Young-ok

Director of the Luann Dummer Center for Women

Dr. Dina Gavrilos

Faculty, Communications & Journalism

Abigail S. Crouse

Associate General Counsel

Reginald Wright

Non-exempt Staff Council

Tonia Jones Peterson

Exempt Staff Council

Mike Klein

Assistant Professor Justice and Peace Studies

Michelle Thom

Associate Vice President of Human Resources

Chucks Madhav

Adjunct faculty representative

Monica Anderson

Coordinator for External Relations School of Law

Tanisha Andrews

Program Advisor

Jordan Osterman

Marketing Insights Communications

Dr. Hong Wu

Faculty, Economics