Table Tent Policy

Table Tent space, in the Anderson Student Center, for the St. Thomas community is available in napkin holder displays in T's, Scooters, and The Loft.  To place your information on display please contact the appropriate location at least one week in advance.  Specifications: Napkin Holder Display - 4" tall x 6.5" wide

Anderson Student Center
Tommie Central

Phone: 651-962-6137



Andy Casale 

Phone: 651-962-6083 



Food for Thought
Mark Thometz 

Phone: 651-962-4142





Meal Exchange

Eat with your dormmates in the comfort of your own residence hall or plan a meal with your brother/sister floor.  Meal exchanges are offered by UST Dining Services as an opportunity to exchange one meal in the View or BINZ for a community meal in your residence hall.

How to place a Meal Exchange from the View:

  1. Plan ahead!  Meal exchanges must be ordered in NetCatering a minimum of 10 business days prior to your event.  You will need an estimated number of guests, the event date, and your menu selection to place your order.  Menus can be found on NetCatering under Residence Hall/Meal Exchange packages.

  2. Once your Meal exchange order has been approved by the catering staff, you will receive an automated email confirmation from the NetCatering system.

  3. Print the signature sheet which can also be found on NetCatering.  Have your participating students fill out their name, id number, room number and signature.  

  4. Turn in signature sheet to Dining Services Main Office (ASC 351) a minimum of 72 hours prior to your event.

  5. Meal exchanges are for pick up only.  Please be sure to clean and return any non-disposable items and/or carts.  Any unclean, damaged or lost equipment will be charged to your hall account.

  6. Pick-up your meal exchange from The View (southwest entrance to the kitchen near Off-Campus Student Services).

  7. Questions?  Contact Nathan Cardarelle at or 651-962-6067.

To place a Meal Exchange from the BINZ, contact Andy Casale at or 651-962-6083.