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Bring Your Own Cup & Save!

Did you know?

Each year St. Thomas goes through

  • 323,000+ single use coffee cups
  • 240,000+ single use cold drink cups
  • 236,000+ straws

Be part of the solution. Bring your reusable cup when getting coffee or fountain drinks at retail dining locations on campus. Your effort will save you money and keep single-use disposables out of the waste stream.

When you bring your own cup, you get:
  • Drip coffee for $1.50, regularly $2.50
  • 25¢ off specialty coffee
  • Fountain drinks for 75¢, regularly $1.35
Details for the deal
  • The discount is valid at T's, Summit Marketplace, Stacks Café, The Loft, Beakers and Food for Thought.
  • Reusable cups for drip coffee should be 16 oz. or less.
  • Reusable cups for specialty coffee and fountain drinks should be 20 oz. or less.
  • A St. Thomas cup is not necessary — any reusable cup will work to get the discount.
  • If you choose to buy a reusable cup at a Campus Store or the Tommie Shop, it will come with a coupon to get your first fill on campus for free. See what's available through Campus Stores >