Meal Plan FAQ

The unlimited meal plan is just what the name implies — unlimited trips to residential dining locations which include The View and The Binz.

Unlimited dining is the closest option to having your own kitchen and pantry. Eat what you want, when you want, as often as you want. Stop by for a coffee before class, and come back after class for a made-to-order breakfast sandwich. Stop by between meals for a snack or beverage. 

More details on the plan and its benefits »

All resident students (except students living in Morrison, Flynn, CDC, Transfer Houses, or Grand apartments) are required to purchase a meal plan.

If no meal plan is selected, the student is automatically placed on the Block 150 plan if the student is a sophomore, junior or senior. First-year students are required to be on the Unlimited meal plan.

Any meal plan is available to non-resident (off-campus, commuter) students, but is not required.

Yes. Off-campus or commuter students may purchase any meal plan. View options »

Meal Plan participants may increase or decrease their meal plan — within the options available to them based on class year and housing choice — through the second Friday of the semester.

Resident students may change your meal plans using Murphy Online.

Off-campus/commuter students should visit the Card Office in Murray-Herrick Center 101 to fill out a Meal Plan Change Form.

Meal plan swipes may be used at The View or The Binz. 

Beginning in Fall 2019, students, faculty and staff with meal plans will enter The View and The Binz using wave ID. This is a simple wave of the hand through a touchless biometric reader. This new technology will allow for fast and convenient entry to dining facilities, and reduces the need to wait in line for a staff member to swipe an ID card. To enroll in wave ID, please visit the Card Office in Murray-Herrick 101. Enrollment is quick and free. 

Dining Dollars may be used at any campus dining facility: The View, The Binz, T's, Scooter's, Summit Marketplace, The Loft, Beakers, Stacks Café and Food for Thought. You will need your St. Thomas ID to use Dining Dollars. 

Yes. Food for Thought purchases (up to $7.00) can be exchanged for one meal from your plan. See what's offered at Food for Thought »

Prepackaged items do not qualify for the exchange, but can be purchased with Dining Dollars, eXpress, debit, credit or cash.

You may use guest meals attached to your meal plan to bring a guest to The View or The Binz. Not all meal plans have guest meals; see your individual plan for details.

You may also use Dining Dollars, cash, or your eXpress account to host a guest in any dining location.

Unused meal and Dining Dollars do not carry over to the next semester. 

eXpress Dollars do carry over from semester to semester. Information on eXpress accounts »

Meal plan, Dining Dollars, and eXpress balances can be checked online at the OneStThomas portal under the My Actions section.

Students, faculty and staff may also check meal plan balances at any register on campus. Ask the cashier for the balance on the card after any transaction. Direct any questions regarding card balance to the Card Office at 651-962-6069.

Check your eXpress card balance »

General Dining FAQ

Many meal plans come with Dining Dollars. The amount of Dining Dollars varies with each meal plan, please see the meal plans web page for details. The amount is a declining balance, and can be used at any time during the semester.

Dining Dollars can be used at any St. Thomas dining location: The View, The Binz, Summit Marketplace (food and beverage items only), T's, Scooter's, Food for Thought, The Loft, Stacks Café and Beakers. Simply swipe your ID card to pay for items at dining locations on campus.

Your Dining Dollars balance can be checked online at the OneStThomas portal under the My Actions section.

Dining Dollars are valid during the same period as meal plans. For fall 2019, Dining Dollars can be spent between August 30 and December 20. Unused Dining Dollars do not carry over to the next academic term; any dollars not used at the end of the semester are forfeited.


The eXpress Account is a declining balance account available to registered students, faculty, and staff. The account is administered by the Tommie Card Office. Unlike Dining Dollars which can only be spent at campus dining locations, account owners may spend eXpress account funds at various on-campus and off-campus merchants using a university ID card.  

On campus, eXpress Dollars can be spent at: Campus Stores, the Tommie Shop, Tommie Central, the Service Center, parking facilities, Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex, the Bowling Center and Career Services.

There are also a number of off-campus stores, restaurants and services that will accept eXpress Account payments; a full list is on the eXpress Account web page.

Students, faculty and staff with specific dietary needs due to medical or cultural reasons may consult with our team's registered dietician to ensure they choose foods that fit their diets. Our dietician can provide information about ingredients and preparations used. Learn more »

All St. Thomas dining locations are open to everyone. Those without meal plans may make purchases using eXpress accounts, cash, credit or debit cards. 

Student employees are an essential part of our operation. Convenient on-campus locations, flexible hours, and the opportunity for student lead positions are just a few of the benefits of working in Dining Services. Our wages are competitive, and there are opportunities to earn raises regularly. View job openings »

In our all-you-care-to-eat dining locations — The View and The Binz — food and drinks must be consumed while in the dining facility.

At our other locations — T's, Scooter's, Summit Marketplace, Food for Thought and the coffee shops — you may purchase food and eat it there or take it to go.