Administrative Staff

Dr. Pamela Peterson

Director, Dining Services

Jonathan Empie

Assistant Director, Budgets & Systems

Andrea Eckert, R.D.

Assistant Director, Registered Dietitian

Mary Pribble

Department AP/AR & Payroll Administrator

Retail Operations Staff

Donny Bergdahl

Assistant Director, Retail Operations

Sue Bonine

Supervisor, T's

Barbara Lundell

Supervisor, Summit Marketplace & The Loft

Nick Ortega

Supervisor, Scooters

Catering Staff

Molly Boyne

Assistant Director, Catering

Rachel Deutsch

Catering Manager

Kris Newman

Catering Manager

Becky Chinn

Catering Coordinator

Lynne Grams

Catering Manager, Minneapolis Campus

The View Staff

Angela Hasouris

Assistant Director, Residential Dining

Carl Littlejohn

Executive Chef

Otto Schulze

Production Chef, The View

Megan Fink

Dining Room Supervisor, The View

Tyler Ortega

Dining Room Supervisor, The View

Ryan Field

Sous Chef, The View

Dan Schmitz

Sous Chef, The View

Suteera Noothed

Sous Chef, The View

Food for Thought Staff

Mark Thometz

Location Manager, Minneapolis Campus

Binz Staff

Andy Casale

Location Manager, Binz

Choice Newstrom

Supervisor, Binz