Submitting a Request

In order better serve our guests the request to serve/use alcoholic beverage has moved online. If you are an internal client please submit your form online.  If you are an external client please get in touch with our catering team. Requests must be made at least 14 days before the start of the event for internal groups, and 30 days prior for external groups.

Please note: This form is limited to faculty and staff only. Both graduate and undergraduate students wishing to serve alcohol at an event will need to have a faculty or staff member submit the order and request form due to liability reasons. Student activity funds may not be used for alcohol.

Requester Information

Name of Contact Person: Primary contact for event related questions.

Sponsoring Organization: Primary department which will be sponsoring the event.

Event Title/Type of Event: Name of event following by the type of event. (i.e. “Student Affairs Christmas Gala”)

Event Information

Event Purpose: Reason for event along with alcohol rationale.

Percent 21 or Older: Rough or known percentage of the amount of people who are over the age of 21.

Alcohol & Security Provisions

Location of Alcohol Service: Location of where alcohol consumption and/or sale will take place. (i.e. North Woulfe, McNeely Hall Great Room) If there are multiple locations separate them using a coma.

Manner Served:

Cash Bar: Guests purchase alcohol for personal consumption, subject to tax charges.

Hosted Bar: Alcohol is paid for by the sponsoring department or external organization.

Indirect Sale: Tickets are provided by the sponsoring department or external organization, subject to service and tax charges.