Tuition and Financial Aid

The Dougherty Family College is designed to provide a high quality, personalized and affordable education. With generous support from donors and access to federal and Minnesota state grant funds (for eligible students), the Dougherty Family College aspires to help students earn an Associate of Arts degree while incurring minimal debt.

To be considered for funding, students are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), using the school code 002345. For those unable to complete the FAFSA, they will be required to complete the Minnesota Dream Act Application (also using school code 002345).

Tuition and fees for the Dougherty Family College for 2017-2018 are $15,000. It is our goal to make this offering affordable; as low as $1,000 per year for some of our neediest applicants.

To learn more about our program cost and potential estimated ranges of aid (based on program standards of eligibility), choose your status at right.