Summer Enrichment Program

For students admitted to the Dougherty Family College, the Summer Enrichment Program is a required part of your first-year experience. This time will prepare you to get the most out of your college experience.

You will join leadership development teams that will help you develop your leadership strengths. You’ll meet your team and learn how leadership is woven into the curriculum.
You’ll also register for classes and get to know fellow students, staff and faculty, and each day you’ll participate in seminars designed to teach you skills you'll need to be successful in college.

These seminars will include

  • Writing at the college level
  • Mathematics review
  • Building your study skills
  • Time management
  • Understanding college expectations

A small stipend, meals, laptop and a metro pass will be provided to you during the Summer Enrichment Program. You will also learn about tools and opportunities available to you as a Tommie:

  • Technology (email, laptop, etc.)
  • University resources (tutoring, libraries, etc.)
  • Clubs, events and further enrichment opportunities
  • Campus buildings and shuttles to and from St. Paul

Parents and other significant adults in your life will be invited to their own orientation to learn how they can support you in achieving your goals.

We are excited to spend this time getting to know you and answering all your concerns so you are ready to start the fall semester as a Tommie!