Student Support

The Dougherty Family College is dedicated to your success in college and beyond. Mentors, coaches and tutors are available daily. Scholarships, along with free laptops, meals and bus transportation, ensure you have the tools you need so nothing stands in the way of your ability to focus on a rigorous college education.

Academic and Personal Support:

  • Our faculty members are dedicated mentors and coaches, as well as teachers. You meet with your faculty mentor for 30 minutes every other week of the academic year to ask questions about coursework and receive one-on-one academic support.
  • Students from St. Thomas’ bachelor’s degree program are available to tutor you in all subjects of the curriculum.
  • Social workers provide you with information, support and resources.
  • Transfer counselors assist you in transferring to a bachelor’s degree program as you near graduation.
  • University services are available, including health services, disability resources, counseling and psychological services.

As a student of Dougherty Family College you also have access to Keffer Library on the Minneapolis campus, as well as all other university libraries, course-related library holdings and materials (print and electronic) and interlibrary loan services. Informational technology support services also are available.