Contact & Reporting Information

St. Thomas Public Safety 24-Hour Emergency – (651) 962-5555

See the University of St. Thomas Title IX Website for detailed contact information on reporting options. 

Reporting Options:

Online to University Officials (Title IX Office)

Reporters can remain anonymous or identify themselves in online reports. If you want follow-up, a person should identify themselves. These reports are kept very private. See these Question and Answers for more information on anonymous reporting.

Contact University Officals

Students can contact staff in the Dean of Students Office or the Title IX Office directly to report an incident of sexual misconduct. If this is an emergency or you would like an immediate response, contact Public Safety at 651-962-5555. 

Contact Local Law Enforcement

Community members are encouraged to contact law enforcement if they experience sexual assault or other forms of sexual misconduct. Staff in the Dean of Students office can assist students in reporting to police. The choice to report an incident to police is entirely up to the victim. 

Support Resources:

All support resources are free and confidential

Counseling and Psychological Services at University of St. Thomas

SOS Sexual Violence Services located in St. Paul, MN

Sexual Violence Center located in Minneapolis, MN

Contact the National Network for local, free, confidential resources for survivors outside of Minnesota.