Policy Title: Gambling, Raffles and Games of Chance Policy
Reviewed date: 11/1/2012
Pertains to: All students, faculty and staff
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Gambling, Raffles and Games of Chance Policy

The Minnesota Gambling Control Board has issued the following policy/procedures concerning gambling, raffles and games of chance sponsored by clubs, organizations, or individuals at the University of St. Thomas:

The entity known as the University of St. Thomas does have tax exempt, nonprofit status. However, student clubs, organizations or individuals are not seen as subsidiaries or subordinates of this entity. Hence, student clubs, organizations or individuals are not eligible to engage in gambling, raffles or games of chance, regardless if the revenue is for profit or is designated for a charitable cause.

If a student organization falls under a national organization (i.e. local chapters of national fraternities or sororities, ODK, etc.), then that student organization must (1) obtain a copy of the IRS letter showing the national organization as a nonprofit organization and carries a group ruling and (2) obtain a copy of the organization's charter recognizing the student group as a subordinate. Contact the Department of Campus Life for more information.

In an effort to raise revenue for profit or for a charitable cause, clubs/organizations or individuals may engage in the following practices:

Games of Skill - A "game of skill" is an activity where the participant may pay for a ticket or a chance to logically estimate so as to win (i.e. guessing the number of marbles in a jar). There must be the ability to arithmetically and logically arrive at an answer during a game of skill. The item used (i.e. jar with marbles) must be sealed and in plain view.

Silent Auction - Individuals have the ability to silently suggest a price for an item that is on auction. There is to be no selling of tickets or chances for the bidding process and bids can either be posted on paper or concealed on a slip of paper and submitted. The item goes to the highest bidder on auction.

These two options outlined above are not presently regulated by the Gambling Control Board and no applications or permits are needed to engage in these practices.