Welcome to DiversityEdu!

St. Thomas is proud to partner with DiversityEdu to offer an online interactive course module as part of our orientation process. The DiversityEdu course is based on social science research and teaches skills for understanding the impact of unconscious bias, language, and behavior. This course helps participants understand how they can contribute and get the most out of their St. Thomas experience and any diverse community they may choose to live, learn and work in. The goal of the program is to help participants develop, enhance or build upon their personal skills for an inclusive culture.

DiversityEdu is composed of open-ended questions, knowledge tests, and diversity-related skills to help you become part of our community. Topics include:

  • Overview of our St. Thomas’ Commitment to Inclusive Excellence
  • Defining diversity inclusively
  • Engaging comfortably with difference
  • Managing assumptions
  • Searching for similarities
  • Understanding the effects of stereotypical thinking
  • Focusing on the impact of language and behavior choices
  • Addressing microaggressions

DiversityEdu doesn’t tell you what to do or believe. Instead, DiversityEdu introduces and reinforces research-based skills that all members of the community can put into practice as part of their everyday actions, communications, and choices.

  • You will receive an email with instructions for completing DiversityEdu. The online program takes approximately 90-120 minutes to complete and can be taken in segments. You have access to the program 24 hours a day, allowing you to complete the program at your own pace before the beginning of classes.
  • A hold may be placed on your student account if you do not complete the program. You may not be able to register for next semester's classes until DiversityEdu is completed.

DiversityEdu requires you to complete short multiple-choice self-assessments and other interactive exercises. These exercises are designed to enhance your engagement with the material and your enjoyment of the program. You are also presented with questions calling for typed-in responses. Self-assessments and exercises must be completed in order to advance through the program. Failure to finish the final survey may cause your completion not to be recorded in Canvas. You are encouraged to print your responses for future discussions that may occur.

  • Survey: All DiversityEdu program-takers must complete pre- and post-program surveys. Survey responses are anonymous and are used to make program improvements.
  • Program credit: When the survey is submitted your completion of the program is electronically recorded.
  • Certificate of completion and printable materials: You have the option of printing out a certificate of completion and other materials.

All survey responses are strictly confidential; St. Thomas only receives information about the participants as a whole and NEVER sees anyone’s individual answers.

The DiversityEdu administrator at St. Thomas receives notifications of your completion in Canvas, St. Thomas University’s course management system. This is the only information ever matched with your identity.

Everything that you need is provided online through the program. No textbooks or additional materials are needed.

You do not receive college program credit for DiversityEdu.

You will receive information about DiversityEdu via email. You will be informed of program participation requirements and login information through your St. Thomas e-mail account. Continuous reminders are sent out until the due date.

DiversityEdu is available through University of St. Thomas’s Canvas course management system. There, you will login with your St. Thomas username and password. Once in Canvas, click on the courses tab on the left side of the page and look for your DiversityEdu program. When you enter the site, you will see further instructions on taking DiversityEdu. You may log in and out of the site after completing each section. You will be asked if you would like to resume where you left off when you log in again. If you have trouble accessing Canvas, visit the St. Thomas Tech Desk Support Options page.

You may contact the Dean of Students Office at deanstudents@stthomas.edu if you have additional questions.