Research and Capstone

As part of your data analytics major, you will complete a capstone project where you research a topic of your interest in your domain area. This gives you practical experience to take into the workplace upon graduation. You will work directly with a professor as you conduct your research and analyses, ultimately applying all of the skills and knowledge you acquired throughout your undergraduate career at the University of St. Thomas.

In addition, we encourage students to be a part of research throughout their time at St. Thomas. Below are a few examples of research you can be a part of while attending St. Thomas. If you are interested in participating in faculty-led research, please let us know.


You can set up, run and analyze molecular simulations to search for relationships between energy, molecular structure and chemical function. The current plans for simulation cover a wide range of chemistry topics stretching from enzymes to molecules found in the interstellar medium.


You can explore the patterns of gene regulation across all genes in an organism or community of organisms over time, or in response to specific disruptions.

Public Health

You can try to define how hospitals overcharge their patients based on a number of predictors. In addition, you can use regression modeling to calculate the overcharge ratio (bill amount/medicare payment) based on several predictors and variables in different hospital settings.


  • Forecasting GDP Growth Using Bayesian Model Averaging
  • Do Food Stamps Cause Higher Food Prices? Evidence From 10 Years of Retail Scanner Data
  • Predicting the Onset of Type II Diabetes Using Administrative Claims Data from a Large Employer
  • The Effects of Public Policy on Charitable Giving and Volunteering: Inference from a Simulated Minimum Distance Estimator
  • Optimal Placement of Public Transit Park and Ride Locations
  • Modeling the Federal Reserve: A Markov-Switching Stochastic Search Variable Selection Approach
  • Estimating the Impacts of Minimum Wage Increases on Bus Ridership
  • Predicting Voter Turnout in the 2018 Midterm Elections
  • Estimating the Effect of Zebra Mussel Invasion on Property Values in Hennepin County