May 10, 2022: Finishing the Year Healthy

Dear St. Thomas students, faculty and staff,

The entire university is less than two weeks away from finishing its second full year of in-person instruction since the pandemic began. While that’s definitely cause for celebrating, we’d be remiss to not call attention to the latest COVID-19 cases dashboard. Last week, the community reported 55 positive test results (which is our highest count since late January), and our totals for the current week are higher compared to the same time a week ago.

The Pandemic is Not Over Yet. Please take all necessary steps to protect your health to ensure you can finish your semester unimpeded. To all School of Law students participating in commencement this weekend, and all graduating seniors attending next weekend’s graduation festivities: we hope you can complete your experience at St. Thomas able to fully partake in these joyous events.

We strongly encourage everyone to:

Get Boosted. The Center for Well-Being has a supply of COVID-19 booster doses and can schedule appointments for all university community members who are eligible to receive them. Getting a COVID-19 booster shot as soon as you are eligible can greatly help maintain protection against the virus and help prevent spread.

Wear a Face Covering. We are strongly encouraging everyone to consider wearing a face covering indoors (regardless of location) for these final two weeks. As a reminder, the university currently requires face coverings to be worn during classes, on the campus shuttle, and in the Center for Well-Being. Please also carry a face covering with you to in-person meetings in case your host requests you wear one. Finally, remain respectful of those who do choose to wear a face covering in the interests of protecting themselves and their fellow community members.

We’re almost there – please help everyone make it to the end of the year healthy!

Thank you for your attention.