April 21, 2022: Campus to Maintain Face Coverings Through May 20

Dear faculty, staff and students,

We hope you, like us, have enjoyed a bit of a reprieve from a constantly shifting landscape regarding COVID-19. Since the date of our last communication on Feb. 25, we have seen a relatively low number of test-positive cases on campus and, thankfully, mild cases overall. In the last seven weeks, our weekly low for cases was 1, and the high was 20, which was last week. Thank you for doing your part to keep our community healthy.

To keep our community as virus free as possible headed into finals and commencement ceremonies, we encourage everyone to continue to comply with our current face covering policy for the next four weeks, through the end of the spring semester. As you know, face coverings are currently required in classrooms and labs, on the campus shuttle and in the Center for Well-Being.

If we continue to experience relatively low numbers of COVID-19 cases on campus, we will drop the requirement when summer sessions begin on May 25. Thank you to everyone for being respectful of this policy and for keeping those face coverings on where required.

In areas on our campuses where face coverings are not required, we ask that everyone continue to support community members who choose to wear a face covering, and to keep your own face covering handy in case you are in a setting where face coverings are requested.

The UART team wants to extend its thanks to everyone on campus for helping us manage through the pandemic. We are hopeful that the new wave hitting other places around the globe and in areas of the U.S. will not have significant impacts in our area, but as always, we’ll be ready if it does.

Thanks very much for your attention to this update, and we wish you all the best as you wrap up the academic year!


University Action and Response Team