Relaxation Exercises

Stressed? Need to Relax? Counseling and Psychological Services has made several relaxation exercises available as either streaming audio or a downloadable MP3. You may listen and relax at your computer, or download the exercise to an MP3 player and listen in the library or another quiet, relaxing place. Don't listen while driving.

Listen online or download to your MP3 player. To download, right click on the MP3 link and select "Save Target As..."

Benefits of relaxation can include a decrease in heart rate, respirations, and physical tension; improved energy and stamina; and a sense of calm and well-being. Experts agree that relaxation is a vital part of a balanced lifestyle.
Length 16:31 [ Listen Online ]

This Tense and Release exercise is designed to help you obtain deep muscle relaxation.
Length 8:18 [ Listen Online ]

Getting in touch with your breath

This is an exercise to get you in touch with your breath.
Length 1:50 [ Listen Online ]

Cleansing breath

This is a cleansing breath exercise.
Length 1:50 [ Listen Online ]

Three part breath

This exercise is called “the three part breath.”
Length 3:07 [ Listen Online ]

Relaxing counting breath

This exercise is a counting breath and can be helpful when you are trying to fall asleep.
Length 2:12 [ Listen Online ]

Alternate nostril breathing

This is an alternate nostril breathing exercise.
Length 2:33 [ Listen Online ]

Tense and Release Exercise

This Tense and Release exercise is designed to help you obtain deep muscle relaxation.
Length 3:29 [ Listen Online ]

Relaxation Instructions

Length 16:32 [ Listen Online ]

Body Scan Exercise

This is a body scan and mindfulness meditation exercise.
Length 5:07 [ Listen Online ]

5 Minute Mindfullness Exercise

This is a five minute mindfulness exercise.
Length 3:02 [ Listen Online ]

Walking Meditation

This exercise is a walking meditation.
Length 2:16 [ Listen Online ]

Loving Kindness Exercise

This is a loving kindness exercise.
Length 3:40 [ Listen Online ]

Religious Based Meditation

This is the prayer of St. Francis. You are welcome to listen to it and repeat it silently to yourself after each line is spoken out loud.
Length 1:35 [ Listen Online ]