About Us

Mission Statement

Supporting the University of St. Thomas mission, Counseling and Psychological Services promotes the mental health, interpersonal relationships, and academic performance of UST students. We contribute to a healthy campus learning environment by providing psychological services to all who work, train, and study at the University.

Diversity Statement

We consider the diversity of our community a strength, and our aim is to provide affirming and culturally responsive care to every member of our community. We acknowledge that white supremacy, racism, xenophobia, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and other -isms are social diseases that are embedded in our country‚Äôs historical and current culture. We consider these to be public health crises because these social diseases are known to impact wellness and lead to health disparities.  We know that living through repeated and systemic trauma and risk due to these social diseases can lead to feeling chronically unsafe, and impact mental and physical health.  This in turn impacts academic performance, relationships, athletic performance, and overall involvement in the University. We are committed to identifying and eliminating the disparities in care for those with diverse identities.  

 As a staff, we actively engage our hearts and minds to identify and challenge our biases, with a commitment to continuous learning and growth. We examine our practices and policies to identify ways we are colluding with racism and other forms of discrimination. We commit to devoting intentional time and energy to these objectives across all our services and interactions in the following ways: 

 Identify and remove barriers to accessing services for those with diverse identities.

  • Remain attuned and responsive to injustices in our community and engage in social justice advocacy both on-campus and in the community.
  • Participate in DEI committees across the university to improve practices from a social justice and antiracist lens.
  • Partnership with university offices and student groups to listen and respond to student needs.
  • Regular, structured professional and personal development that is directly tied to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) values.

For additional reflection on our approach to culture and diversity, see this description from the website of our training program, in which our senior staff are active and engaged members:


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