Non-Compensation Expenditures


eBuy&Pay is the St Thomas's e-procurement system to submit invoices, request payments, and submit employee reimbursements (see below under Accounts Payable). As PI of the grant, you will by default be set-up in the approval queue as “Budget Delegate” and “Budget Manager” of your grant index.  This requires you to approve all transactions charged to your grant index through the eBuy & Pay system. 

  • Budget Delegate – authorizes transactions under $3,000
  • Budget Manager – authorizes transactions over $3,000

 You can elect to add other individuals who are involved in the management of your grant index to the approval queue.  Please inform the Controller’s Office if you wish to change the Budget Delegate or Budget Manager or add additional individuals to the Approval Queue.


Unless the Grantor prohibits it, UST will allow PI’s to use WellsOne credit cards for grant purchases under the following conditions:

  • You must submit receipts for ALL grant related purchases to Accounts Payable upon your monthly reconciliation.  The UST WellsOne policy implemented in 2012 which no longer requires receipts for credit card transactions under $75 does not apply to grants. 
  • You must keep copies of your receipts in the event your grant is audited

If you wish to use your St Thomas WellsOne credit card for purchases on a grant, please contact the Accounts Payable Manager to add your grant index to the Wells Fargo system.