Auditors look closely at compensation charged to a grant.  Therefore, it is very important that compensation is set-up correctly and is continuously monitored.  The Human Resources Office (HR) will assist the PIs in setting up compensation that should be charged to a grant. 

Academic Year Salary

If the grant is covering a portion of the salary throughout the grant period, please discuss with the Controller’s Office before the start of the grant so that we can work with HR to ensure proper set-up.

In this event, the PI will be required to complete an effort certification form on a yearly basis certifying the level of the effort on the grant.  The effort report will be sent electronically from the Controller’s Office.  The PI's supervisor must certify his or her effort.  The certified form must be received by the Controller’s Office within the time frame requested.  Total effort may never exceed 100%.  

Student Compensation

If the grant is covering the cost of student wages, the PI will need to go through the same hiring process as we would normally but instead provide the restricted grant index number. The Senior HR Assistant in Human Resources can assist with any questions regarding the university student employment

Please monitor student wages charged to the grant closely.  As the grant period nears to an end, you should give HR advance notice when student wages should no longer be charged to the grant.  The quarterly grant reports from the Controller’s Office will show how much budget remaining you have in student compensation so that you may plan accordingly.  For example, if the grant is nearing completion, make sure the Sr. HR Assistant has ample notice of when student wages should no longer be charged to the grant.  If the student(s) assisting you with grant research will be continuing employment within your department after your grant ends, make sure that you provide the Sr. HR Assistant with a different index number to charge their future wages against.   

Summer Salary

If the grant allows a set amount of summer salary, the PI can initiate payment via the Faculty Non-Base Comp System (NBC).  Fringe benefits will be calculated on top of the payment(s) being requested from the Faculty NBC system.  Make sure to request payments in a manner that coincides with your grant award and budget.  For example, do not request two summers worth of salary during the first summer of your grant.  Conversely, do not wait until the end of your grant period to request several years of summer salary.

If you are new to the Faculty NBC system you must request access from the Compensation Analyst in the HR Department.  The Compensation Analyst can assist you with any questions related to faculty compensation and the Faculty NBC system.